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5 tipos de tés de elaboración propia



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  • Eliminar Líquido

  • Aumentar Metabolisto



  • Bajar de Peso

  • Eliminar líquido

  • Eliminación y absorción de grasas



  • Regular el Azucar

  • Disminuir la Ansiedad

  • Potenciar efectos del 1B, 1R y Detox



  • Mejorar la  Digestión

  • Disminuir absorcion de comidas pesadas

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Preguntas Frecuentes

Why the tourism industry?

As recognized in the report of the Commission on the sexual exploitation of minors published in 2020, the tourism industry - transport, events and hotel accommodation - have an important role to play in the fight against sexual exploitation. In particular, hotel establishments are used to facilitate exploitation, with recruitment activities for this exploitation sometimes taking place within the establishments themselves. Therefore, it is important to train members of the tourism sector in order to make them allies and improve the safety net. Glow also responds to a concern of the hotel industry which has already noticed this problem and wishes to address it effectively.

What is the do no harm approach ?

You have probably experienced or witnessed situations where someone willing to help have ended up causing more harm than good. Acting without harm is precisely aimed at avoiding this. The helping approach is based on a rational rather than an emotional approach. In practice, this means that we aim to help by taking into account the realities of the person and respecting his or her limits, but also your role and your personal limits, the safety of the person (s) we are targeting to help, but also your safety and the one of other employees and customers.

What are the advantages? Why Glow?

Glow has several advantages for your community. Training contributes to the development of your teams' skills, keeps your resources mobilized, ensures the competitiveness of your community and promotes the recruitment of qualified personnel, while allowing your company to demonstrate its social involvement. Indeed, several tools are available to ensure the visibility of your commitment in your community, which allows you to stand out among your customers through your actions based on your social responsibility. In addition, by getting involved now in the free pilot phase until March 2022, you will benefit from a discount on membership following the pilot phase, in addition to contributing to the development of an innovative project for a worrying social cause and position yourself as a committed company in your community.

Does the Glow program involve any costs for participants?

During the entire pilot project, from February 2020 to March 2022, the Glow program is offered free of charge. Then, if any fees are charged, they will be affordable and will only be used to ensure the sustainability of the program.

How do I provide training to my employees, especially with the sanitary measures in place?

For the hotel industry, training can be followed entirely remotely using the Didacte virtual platform. Your teams will be able to take the training at a time and at a pace that suits your realities. You choose when and to whom we give access and voila. It is also possible to book a date for face-to-face or live training via a virtual platform, depending on availability and sanitary measures.

Do I have to take all of the training modules?

Glow is an “à la carte” program and allows its participants to select what they deem relevant as services, tools and training modules for their teams. A choice is made in terms of training modules and a training certificate for the module(s) completed will be issued to each participant.

How long does the training take?

Module 1 is a 2-hour introduction to the basics of the issue. Module 2 on acting without harm is also 2 hours, and Module M for managers is 1 hour. The training, available online, can be taken at your own pace as it is divided into lessons.

If I take the training at my current establishment, is it transferable to another hotel?

Yes. The certificate you will receive when you complete a training module will be issued in your name and may therefore be recognized in another institution, if applicable.

For how long is the certificate received valid?

For a period of 2 years.

Is Glow only for the hotel industry?

No. Glow is designed for many sectors of the tourism industry. Whether you are in the business of paid passenger transport (taxi, UBER, other), bus transport, catering, private accommodation rental or events, our training can be offered to you. Contact us to find out more about what Glow can offer you.

Is Glow available in multiple languages?

Glow is available entirely in French and English for both training modules, tools and display material and support services. Adaptations can be made in other languages as needed, contact us to let us know your needs.

Are there any risks for employees to act and intervene in the presence of potential situations of sexual exploitation?

Glow is specifically designed to put the emphasis on doing no harm: the priority is everyone's safety. We do not want to take you out of your role as a hotelier and we specifically emphasize the simple, supportive, safe and non-threatening actions that can be taken as part of your duties to help prevent sexual exploitation. We take care to explain that no one should "play" the investigator or social worker and invite participants to take helpful actions without putting themselves in danger.

Can I take the training even if I don't work in the tourist industry?

Glow training has been specially designed for certain sectors of the tourism industry and is aimed at its staff. However, some related jobs may benefit from it. Please write to us at to explain your job and how you think Glow would benefit you. The Beacon of the Freed offers training for other industries, so please contact us at to find out about our training offer.

If I don't want to display Glow related content in my establishment, can I still access the rest of the services?

Yes, although we recommend posting (several messages and formats available) to make the resources available visible and to display the institution's social commitment to the issue, you can access all Glow's services without posting anything in your institution.

Is this a program that takes a stand on legalizing the sex industry? As a hotelier, I don't want to get into a debate on this.

No, Glow takes no position on the issue of legalizing the sex industry. The purpose of this program is to help victims of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation. It is important to know that although Glow does not address people who define themselves as sex workers, we consider that anyone who makes a request for help is entitled to receive it and to be welcomed without judgment. These nuances are explained through training.

Practical training: what is a tabletop exercise?

An effective way to test if your team is ready without any impact on your operations. In partnership with Preventia Inc, a firm specializing in emergency measures, we have set up a tabletop exercise that allows your teams to experience a crisis management simulation. Confronted with various scenarios one after the other, they discuss their respective roles and the different possible actions in case of an emergency and problematic situations (here in relation to sexual exploitation). A facilitator guides the participants through the discussion of the various scenarios.

We have already had training with our hotel chain, what else can Glow offer me ?

Glow is much more than training, it is an all-inclusive package developed in close collaboration with partners in your industry! Glow offers you posting tools designed for your environment and intended specifically for your customers and staff, lists of best practices and an easy-to-fill policy guide to quickly get yours. Glow also offers personalized support and resources available at all times to assist you with your specific needs and realities. As for training, it was developed with the collaboration of many partners from the community sector, but also from the hotel sector such as the AHQ and the ITHQ so that it is the most suitable training possible to the challenge of sexual exploitation in Quebec hotel. This is extensive, concise, comprehensive and tailor-made training.